Sound Machine: SM-5 DUAL Handheld Package

This SM-5 package includes two handheld wireless microphone, one speaker stand, and one speaker stand tote bag. Other packages available.
Manufacturer: Sound Projections


Dimensions (HWD) and Weight
23" x 15" x 13" / 32 lbs.


Designed in 2014, the Sound Machine 5 is a top seller!  This system is ideal for marching band directors, auctioneers, fire/police/rescue, and outdoor public address.  A 1" titanium compression tweeter and 10" Eminence woofer ensures the best fidelity for both speech and music. The newly added Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is rated for 2000 charge-recharge cycles, compared to 200 on a lead acid battery. The Sound Machine 5 can deliver approximately 126db, which is almost twice the perceived loudness of a car alarm.   If you have any questions, call and ask for our PA specialist.  

Package Includes:

  • 1 SM-5 Sound System
  • 2 OPT-40 Shure UHF 123-channel handheld wireless microphones
  • External antennas for over 300 ft. in an open TV channel
  • 1 SS-2 Speaker stand with tote bag


  • Built-in amplifier with 200 watts total power
  • 126 max dB loudness
  • 10" Eminence woofer and 1" titanium compression driver
  • "Talkover" button automatically lowers program material when speaking on microphone (may be turned on or off)
  • Built-in Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (4-8 hours) or AC power
  • Universal 110-240 VAC Power Input
  • Rugged one-piece molded enclosure
  • Metal stand mount fits 1.5" speaker stands
  • Multiple microphone and line level inputs


  • (2) mic level, balanced, XLR
  • (1) line level, balanced, XLR
  • (1) line level, 1/4" phone
  • (1) MP3/CD level, dual RCA
  • (1) line level, balanced, XLR
  • (1) line level, 1/4" phone
  • (1) tape level, dual RCA
  • (1) speaker output
  • 6 year warranty on system
  • 3 year warranty on battery
  • 2 year warranty on players, microphones and accessories
Old price: $4,599.00
Price: $3,589.00